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Free proxy lists Papua New Guinea (PG).

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5 proxiesPermanent link to this page: http://spys.one/free-proxy-list/PG/
Proxy address:portProxy typeAnonymity*Country (city/region)Hostname/ORGLatency**Speed***UptimeCheck date (GMT+03) Port Moresby (National Capital) !!! (Telikom PNG Satellite Tier 1 AS Internet Service)3.505
69% (9) +17-mar-2020 05:00 (70 days ago) Port Moresby (National Capital)pool-258.datec.net.pg (Datec-PNG)11.51
29% (2) +18-feb-2020 05:30 (98 days ago) Port Moresby (National Capital)pool-2527.datec.net.pg (Datec-PNG)4.342
100% (3) -07-feb-2020 19:05 (108 days ago) (Mikrotik)NOAPG Port Moresby (National Capital)mail.emtv.com.pg (Telikom PNG Satellite Tier 1 AS Internet Service)2.651
new +01-jan-2020 05:28 (146 days ago) (Mikrotik)NOAPG !!!png-host-103-107-152-98.absatellite.net (ABS-Global-SEA)7.819
32% (17) -04-nov-2019 05:39 (204 days ago)
*NOA - non anonymous proxy, ANM - anonymous proxy server, HIA - high anonymous proxy. **Latency - lower = better. ***Relative to another servers. HTTPS - HTTP proxy with SSL support.
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